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Can You Feel Me (Original Mix) - Chris Vision

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Super-producer Chris Vision delivers a Techno-Minimal masterpiece with “Can You Feel Me”.  Chris’ fans will instantly recognize and certainly feel his trademark deep bass line laid under a solid kick and crisp hi hat.  The minimal nature of this production ensures each sound has its own frequency and is crystal clear.  What else would you expect from such an accomplished multi-genre producer at the top of his game?  With a former #1 on the Electro House Chart, a #2 in the Holland EDM Chart, 2 Top 20 songs on the Spinnin Records Talent Pool Big Room Chart, and hundreds of thousands of streams worldwide, “Can You Feel Me” further solidifies Chris Vision’s place among the top producers in the global music industry.

To hear a sample of Can You Feel Me (Original Mix) go to https://on.soundcloud.com/9jk6H