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Into the Sunset (Nico Hartt Remix) - SamiVeli featuring M'Lissa

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MJS Records artist Nico Hartt delivers a massive remix of “Into the Sunset” by Belgian super producer SamiVeli featuring M’lissa, who gained worldwide notoriety on The Voice of Holland T.V. show.  Building on the original mix that saw press and blog coverage all over the world, Nico layers M’Lissa’s vocals over his driving groove and massive building synths in creating an energetic trance and progressive dj friendly masterpiece that is sure to be added to many worldwide playlists.  As M’lissa sings “Into the Sunset, into the dark, keep on dancing til the party stops” Nico’s remix will surely have you doing just that.


To hear a sample of Into the Sunset (Nico Hart Remix) go to https://soundcloud.com/mjsrecords/into-the-sunset-samiveli-featuring-mlissa-nico-hartt-remix