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Ricochet (Original Mix) - Chris Vision & DJ TL SPANX

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MJS Records presents “RICOCHET” by Chris Vision & DJ TL SPANX.  “RICOCHET” is an electric Electro project between 2 very talented U.S. producers who each bring their own style to the table for this special collaboration.  Chris Vision delivers on his Complextro / Big Room sound & production, while DJ TL SPANX delivers on his creativity, seamless edits, and special effects work.  Right from the first few deep kick beats listeners know they are in for a wild ride of sonic quality.  The BIG first drop and explosion lead to a melodic synth, which leads the listener into a buildup of excitement!  The middle break features a panning arp and energy filled “Hey” vocal drop before building into another chorus which includes more fun special effects underneath the deep pounding beat. 


To hear a sample of Ricochet (Original Mix) go to https://soundcloud.com/mjsrecords/ricochet-chris-vision-dj-tl-spanx