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Summer Rain (2 Krazy Muther Fookers Remix) - GM Music & Denizen featuring Cat Chapman

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2 Krazy Muther Fookers have put their no holds barred G-House spin on Summer Rain by GM Music & Denizen featuring Cat Chapman.  Listeners will hear elements of the original, including Cat’s smooth and classically trained mezzo-soprano vocals, but with the 2 Krazy Muther Fookers’ razor sharp production edge.  With a deep kick, dirty bass, soaring sweeps, and solid groove, it builds on the fantastic original and looks like another successful production from the hottest remix duo in the dance scene.  2 Krazy Muther Fookers are known for not following the industry rules and this remix is no exception.


To hear a sample of Summer Rain (2 Krazy Muther Fookers Remix) go to https://soundcloud.com/mjsrecords/summer-rain-gm-music-denizen-featuring-cat-chapman-2kmf-remix